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dc.description.abstractThe GEM Report provides an authoritative account of how education is the most vital input for every dimension of sustainable development. Better education leads to greater prosperity, improved agriculture, better health outcomes, less violence, more gender equality, higher social capital and an improved natural environment. Education is key to helping people around the world understand why sustainable development is such a vital concept for our common future. Education gives us the key tools – economic, social, technological, even ethical – to take on the SDGs and to achieve them. These facts are spelled out in exquisite and unusual detail throughout the report. There is a wealth of information to be mined in the tables, graphs and texts. Yet the report also emphasizes the remarkable gaps between where the world stands today on education and where it has promised to arrive as of 2030. The gaps in educational attainment between rich and poor, within and between countries, are simply appalling. In many poor countries, poor children face nearly insurmountable obstacles under current conditions. They lack books at home; have no opportunity for pre-primary school; and enter facilities without electricity, water, hygiene, qualified teachers, textbooks and the other appurtenances of a basic education, much less a quality education. The implications are staggering. While SDG 4 calls for universal completion of upper secondary education by 2030, the current completion rate in low-income countries is a meagre 14%. The GEM Report undertakes an important exercise to determine how many countries will reach the 2030 target on the current trajectory, or even on a path that matches the fastest improving country in the region. The answer is sobering: we need unprecedented progress, starting almost immediately, in order to have a shot at success with SDG 4.es_ES
dc.sourceRepositorio institucional - MINEDUes_ES
dc.subjectObjetivos de Desarrollo Sosteniblees_ES
dc.subjectOrientación profesionales_ES
dc.subjectFormación profesionales_ES
dc.subjectEducación permanentees_ES
dc.subjectCalidad de la educaciónes_ES
dc.subjectDesarrollo económico y sociales_ES
dc.subjectIgualdad de oportunidadeses_ES
dc.subjectMercado de trabajoes_ES
dc.subjectPolítica educativaes_ES
dc.subjectEnfoque de géneroes_ES
dc.subjectCooperación educativaes_ES
dc.subjectDesarrollo sosteniblees_ES
dc.titlePartnering for Prosperity : Education for Green and Inclusive Growth. Global Education Monitoring Report 2016es_ES

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